video editing

I am an editor with over twenty years of experience and work in adobe premiere, after effcts, and pro tools as my main software, allways the most current versions.
I have a canon m50 set-up that captures very nice video and very clean audio. It is perfect for shooting web and social media pieces, podcasts, and promo video.

Here’s a couple of marketing videos I did for a company that makes products from fiberspan concrete.

I’ve been editing all kinds of videos since my days at the Art Institute of Seattle. I develop concepts and build the elements into a working script which can then be produced into a nice piece of video or media for your site. If you’re ready and have your materials together, there is no stopping now. Imagine having your ideas honed into a finished video clip that you will use for years to reach your target audience.
Video and audio editing requires collecting, arranging, planning, and then putting all the assets together to tell a story. Whether its a visual story, a musical story, or an experience, I approach the process with the sensibilities of an artist, musician, and a student of human nature.