web & content design

I created this simple WordPress website for a sculptor and metal worker who needed to show his range of unique work in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. We worked together to place his existing  images into categories representing his range of skills.
He also had a video that was shot in the early 1990s of his kinetic art sculptures based on chaos theory. The master videotapes that he provided were in the D2 format, which at the time was a very high and digital format. I had to track down a production company that still had a working D2 player and finally found one in San Francisco. I sent the tapes there to have them converted. With the converted video I edited new video pieces and in one case I added a voice-over audio part that I recorded using my pro tools audio system.


It’s not easy to be an on screen presenter but both of the co-owners of this company did a great job. The shoots involved a green screen set-up in my small studio space along with  voice-over audio recording sessions to fill out the script. Scripting is the toughest part of production and it took a lot of couching, encouragement and re-writing on my part to make these videos work. We re-worked their website with a new responsive template that displays correctly on all screen sizes. We also organized the existing content and added new photos that we’re shot on a two day product shoot done in their warehouse studio.