digital Portraits

“Emma” 2019
The basic guidelines for both digital and traditional artworks are that you provide a high resolution image, (photo) to work from. More than one person in a painting requires an extra fee, basically twice the amount for one figure.
Shipping costs for traditional paintings will be based on location and whether you want insurance. I will estimate this when we are discussing the details of your painting and arrange for shipping at that time. The resolution for this web version of the painting is about one fifth of the original, so you can see that the quality is very high.
To get started please use the paypal secure payment button below to make a 300.$ down payment.
We can then discuss your special Artwork and the scope and final cost details.
Please contact me with the contact form on this site to talk to me about creating a portrait or other artwork. There is no obligation and I will explain the options, methods, and prices. Large or small, I value your interest and look forward to discussing your project.
Thanks, Scott